Data analysis and data mining

A. Azzalini - B. Scarpa


An introduction to statistical data mining, Data Analysis and Data Mining is both textbook and professional resource. Assuming only a basic knowledge of statistical reasoning, it presents core concepts in data mining and exploratory statistical models to students and professional statisticians-both those working in business and those working in a technological or scientific capacity - who have a limited knowledge of data mining.

This book presents key statistical concepts by way of case studies, giving readers the benefit of learning from real problems and real data. Aided by a diverse range of statistical methods and techniques, readers will move from simple problems to complex problems. Through these case studies, authors Adelchi Azzalini and Bruno Scarpa explain the the rationale and the working of statistical methods, rather than relying on the "push the button" philosophy; they demonstrate how to use statistical tools to find the best solution to a given problem.

Case studies feature current topics highly relevant to data mining, such web page traffic; the segmentation of customers; selection of customers for direct mail commercial campaigns; measurements of customer satisfaction. Appropriate for both advanced undergraduate and graduate students, this much-needed book will fill a gap between higher level books, which emphasize technical explanations, and lower level books, which assume no prior knowledge and do not explain the methodology behind the statistical operations.

Adelchi Azzalini is Professor of Statistics in the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Padua. He actively researches in statistical methodology and has maintained an interest in statistical applications.
Bruno Scarpa is Researcher in the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Padua. He previously worked as a statistician and data miner in marketing divisions of insurance and telecommunication companies.
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