The `sm' library and related scripts

This page gives access to S-Plus software related to the book

Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis: the Kernel Approach with S-Plus Illustrations

by Adrian W.Bowman and Adelchi Azzalini.

A list of errata for the book is available.


A suite of routines, originally written in S-plus, are associated with the book. They can be used independently of the book itself, under a licence which is similar to the GNU General Public Licence. The S-plus version is available for download.

However, the most up-to-date version of the software is available in the R environment. Version 2.2 is now available on for the Unix/Linux operating system. Version 2.1 is now available on two platforms: the Unix/Linux operating system and MS-windows.

A short history explains the differences from the past versions.

Other versions